Makeup Bag


Size : 15 * 7 * 5 cm | 5.9 * 2.7 * 1.9 inches 

The Makeup case is an elegant mini vanity box designed to store your cosmetic essentials, handmade from cork, brass and recycled cotton lining. Thanks to its integrated mirror it is also perfect for your midday touch up. The 180 degree opening and bright interior allow you to organize your utensils and find what you need in just a glance. 

Customer Reviews

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Penny Azar
Makeup purse

This is a quaint little purse… not too big… with a built in mirror and inside a pocket with elastic for little extras like tweezers and nail file. It’s a bit old fashioned and you just don’t see this kind in modern makeup bags on the market which makes it unique.

Leslie Greenberg
Please add convertible strap to make up bag

💗 your products! I’d be thrilles if you’d add an optional strap to the make up bag. I often put on my make up in the car while my husband drives. Being able to use it as a cool shaped purse would keep me from having to leave my make up in the hot car while we go into a restaurant. I know, crazy Americans always on the go!

Love the blue cork backpack..versatile bag

Can you make the accessories in the blue color?

alicia cabrera
I love all these smaller bags

I really am hoping you’ll make that emerald larger bag in blue and if so I’d love to buy all of these smaller bags to keep everything straight in my purse. If you so feel like making a bag to hold the charging cords for anything like my iPad Pro I would be so happy. I’m sure I’m not the first who has suggested you make the interior bags different colors. Not important but would be darling. Congratulations on making this gorgeous bag by the way without killing a cow. Also, with pickpockets just wondering about another idea that came to me. You could put a hole in the zipper clasp that someone could attach via string in some way to the base of the bag so it’s not so easy to get into it. Email me if you wish and I can describe better what I’m thinking. Anyway, thank you thank you.