Our Story


Elie Seroussi was born in Paris in 1958. Growing up in the center or Paris he developed a strong taste for fashion and craftsmanship. He opened his first fashion house, CECILE & JEANNE, in his late twenties, and built it into the well known brand it is today, with 10 boutiques in the prime Paris locations.

Elie raised his three children between the family ranch in Burgundy and the atelier in Paris. His oldest daughter, Natacha, took a keen interest in his work at a young age and showed a strong passion for fashion, the arts, and nature. After completing her studies of the arts Natacha naturally partnered up with her forever mentor and biggest supporter; Elie.

Together Elie and Natacha decided to do things differently. They wanted to create a brand that would combine the essence of who they are and what they believe in. Their products needed to be chic, elegant and modern… as well as environmentally friendly, vegan, and sustainable. They set off to design their first product - bobobark was born.

“Passing on my knowledge to my daughter is a huge satisfaction and a privilege. I love how her young mind transforms this experience into new and creative products that speak to her generation” - Elie

“My dad has taught me to be a perfectionist and to trust my artistic feeling. Even if working as a family is not always a cake-walk, it is for sure the most exciting and meaningful adventure I could embark on” - Natacha