Our Story


Laflore Paris is the joyful fusion of elegant style and sustainability. It's also the hard-fought achievement of Elie and Natacha, two fashion savants who happen to be father and daughter.

Elie & Natacha

Elie is a seasoned veteran of the Paris fashion world, having founded the iconic house of Cecile & Jeanne over 30 years ago. Daughter Natacha sparked a keen interest in Elie's work at a young age, carrying forward the family legacy with a perfectionist's eye for design and heartfelt eco-consciousness.

Together, Elie and Natacha created Laflore Paris for today's woman: Smart, chic, and environmentally proactive.

Expertise and Transparency

With three decades of experience in designing, testing, manufacturing, and global shipping, we're no strangers to the production process. We're proud of our reputation for navigating all issues with the utmost in responsiveness, care, and honesty.

The Art of Craftsmanship

Starting in our Parisian ateliers, we envision, design, draft, and develop the details of every Laflore Paris bag. This process can take up to a year. Then we work closely with our global team of artisans to be sure that every bag is ethically handmade with respect for local communities.

A Passion For What Matters

Our mission is to create gorgeous bags that are timeless in beauty, durability, and sustainability. That's why Laflore Paris products are designed to truly flatter every woman's style and built to last for years using only sustainably grown materials.

Since the day we opened, the response has been overwhelming. We're thrilled that our customers love our bags – and our planet – as much as we do!

Designed for Women.
Made for Life.