Coin Pouch



bobobark’s simple and classic change purse design incorporates 3 compartments into a high-contrast orange interior, which offers you easy visibility into the small wallet’s coin pouch. The beautiful brass clasp provides a stylish, yet secure, one-click opening.

Our vegan coin purse is handmade from a premium cork skin, which is an organic, sustainable material found in nature. Cork tree bark is polished until the texture is similar to soft, supple leather. However, unlike leather accessories, the bobobark change wallet is waterproof and ethically made.

The smallest in our line of vegan purses and accessories, our coin pouch was designed to hold more than just coins and loose change. It can house cash, cards, receipts, and other tiny treasures that you need throughout your day. Plus, it’s the perfect complement to our bobobark convertible backpack purse.

Dimensions: 12 x 10 cm (4.7 x 3.9 in)

Dimensions: 12 x 10 cm

Customer Reviews

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Penny Azar
Coin purse

Go ahead and get it. It’s great :-)

Lisa Farrar
I am in love with my bag.

It has clean lines and perfect construction. The first thing I look at id the construction. The only reason I bought this bag was the ad on FaceBook. Except for the ridiculous time I waited for this bag, it is a work of perfection. The dimensions, the details (inner and outer pockets) are genius. The design is inspired. I think it should be on the top shelf in every upscale department store.

Rebecca Moore
Quality Coin Pouch

I really love this pouch. It is sturdy with beautiful finishings. I wish it was 3cm wider in order to better fit an ID or credit card.