Our Vegan-Friendly Designers

Laflore was founded by a father-daughter team, Elie & Natacha Seroussi, that believes women should not have to prioritize style over sustainability nor beauty over ethics. We believe women deserve it all, and this belief drives every bag and accessory we design. It also influences each decision we make, from our core commitment to the use of vegan cork fabric and recycled cotton instead of animal or synthetic materials all the way down to the plastic-free, recyclable packaging we use for shipping. Our commitment to organic, vegan-friendly design shows in every step of our process, so you can feel good knowing that your new accessories have been created with sustainability in mind.

Cruelty-Free, Sustainable Cork Fabric

Much like our resolve to use organic, vegan materials, we are committed to sourcing cruelty-free fabric, which is why we design with cork. All our durable, eco-friendly accessories are made from cruelty-free cork leather, which means no animals are ever harmed in the production of our products. We believe in providing chic accessories that are ethically and sustainably made. So, know that when you shop Laflore bags and accessories you’re contributing to a healthier planet (and more humane treatment of animals!) for years to come.

Limit Your Carbon Footprint

Purchasing from Laflore allows you to limit your carbon footprint in a number of ways. By carefully selecting versatile, high-quality products, you’re helping to reduce waste. Our convertible bags and accessories are hand-crafted to last and are easily cared for so they won’t need to be replaced. You can also feel good knowing we’re an eco-friendly team that cares deeply about the environment and our impact on the world around us. We know deforestation has devastating effects, and we’re proud that, in harvesting the cork for our products, we’re doing so in a way that triggers new growth and regeneration of these beautiful, natural resources.