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Why Every Woman Needs a Convertible Purse

Why Every Woman Needs a Convertible Purse

Have you ever gotten all the way to the office only to realize that you forgot your laptop bag at home? You grabbed your purse, but completely blanked on picking up your work bag.

What about dealing with painful shoulder aches because your purse is full of everything and anything you could squeeze into it and weighs about 30 pounds? 

Whatever your situation, there’s one thing we can all agree on: wouldn’t it be great to have a convertible bag that was professional enough for work, casual enough for everyday wear, matches with virtually any outfit, and is comfortable? You could use it as a briefcase or tote bag during the work day, and then convert it to a backpack afterwards for maximum comfort. 

Whether you’re commuting, traveling, shopping, or just going around town, a convertible backpack purse is what you need to be prepared for any scenario life throws at you. 

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What is a Convertible Purse?

In today’s technology-obsessed and chaotic world, multi-functional items save you valuable time, energy, and even money. A 2-in-1 laptop that doubles as a tablet. A smartphone that isn’t just a phone but a GPS and a computer. Or in this case, a purse that turns into a backpack.

A convertible purse is a versatile, multi-style handbag that can double as a backpack, a shoulder-bag, or a tote bag with a few simple adjustments.

Say you’re carrying a backpack, but want a handbag to take with you when you meet your friends for drinks later that night. Remove a couple of straps, et voila - you have yourself a chic handbag that you can wear anywhere. Using a convertible bag is the easiest way to expand your accessories wardrobe without busting your budget.

A backpack purse is not only convenient and useful, but it’s stylish and classy.

Save Time in the Morning

With the rise of eco-friendly fashion and capsule wardrobes, the focus is less on how expansive your wardrobe is and more about creating great looks with a limited number of pieces. It allows you to stretch your creativity muscles, get more use out of the clothing you already own, and it’s kinder on the environment. 

A convertible backpack fits into this ethos nicely. With a convertible purse like bobobark, you have three styles to choose from (in neutral colors that go with everything) and you’ll save time in the morning that you need to prepare for the rest of your day.

The multiple uses of a purse backpack combo make for easier organization. Bags like this often have multiple pockets, compartments and zippers, one for every type of item you’ll need as you go about your day.

Imagine the following scenario. You’re commuting into work when you realize you left your wallet in the handbag you were carrying yesterday.

Who among us hasn’t made this mistake? And how are you going to pay for lunch? 

You’ve got two options: turn around and go back home to get it, or head into the office and risk the possibility of an early-afternoon attack of the hangries. If you had a convertible purse, you wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting your wallet in another bag since your work bag could double as your purse at the same time.

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Of course, maybe the above commuting scenario doesn’t apply to you if you’re one of the millions of Americans who have been working from home since the COVID-19 pandemic escalated to a global health emergency in March.

Even if you’re working from home, personal style should still be part of your daily routine. It’s good for your mental health, and puts you in a productive frame of mind. 

Avoid the Overloaded Commute

Gone are the days when you have to carry two or more bags for each separate occasion or event. Now, your designer work bag is also your shoulder tote! The backpack you’ve been towing around all day can easily transform into an elegant purse for date night or after work drinks with your friends. 

You can rearrange the straps on your convertible purse to create different types of bags in just a few seconds. For maximum efficiency, the bobobark convertible purse can convert into a purse, backpack, and briefcase. It also includes a padded laptop compartment, a dedicated phone holder with charging port, and a variety of pockets to keep your things organized.   

purse backpack combo

By choosing a purse that is already designed for organization, you’ll be less inclined to stuff it with things you don’t actually need. For those instances where you might have unexpected items to toss in, a backpack purse holds everything you need with room left over for last-minute additions. 

Best of all, the bobobark convertible purse is lightweight without compromising on space or durability. You can fit everything you need for your daily commute into the bobobark without it causing those dreaded back and shoulder aches. That’s because our cork material is 3 times lighter than leather. Don’t worry, our cork material bags are just as durable as real leather, so they can hold up to everyday use. Of course, you can’t load 50 lbs of gear into the purse and expect it to feel as light as a feather, but you’ll definitely notice a difference compared to heavier leather purses that are on the market. 

Travel Light

Every savvy traveler knows that it's important to maximize space.

A convertible cork purse or backpack has a travel-friendly style that blends functionality with fashion. It’s an ideal accessory for any setting or circumstance, whether you’re on your dream vacation, or just going for a short day-trip.

Any digital nomad or jet-setter can tell you that it’s better to just pack for a week than to bring clothes and items for every possible circumstance.

Packing for every scenario will only weigh you down, no matter the destination. Lugging around a heavy, overloaded backpack or purse takes precious energy away from the fun experiences and lifelong memories you should be making instead.

Convertible purses are the perfect solution for a travel companion that can fit your needs wherever adventure leads you.

It can be used as a convenient carry-on purse for when you get on the plane. When you touch-down that afternoon, you can turn it into a backpack and pick up some souvenirs from the gift shop at the museum you spend time in that day. Later that evening, you can reconfigure the straps for a chic shoulder bag and head to dinner at that cafe downtown. 

Having a convertible purse is traveling smart, and smart is the only way to travel.


Get More Bang For Your Buck

A convertible backpack and shoulder bag has a million-and-one uses. You can save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars by just having one handbag that you can use in any given situation rather than having one handbag for each.

It’s wasteful and time-consuming to have all of those bags collect dust in your closet anyway. When you opt for a convertible purse option, you can spend all that money on fun stuff to do with it instead. A family vacation. Concerts with your friends. A hiking trip into the mountains. A weekend getaway at the beach.

Bonus: wherever life takes you, your convertible backpack purse can go, too. 

Be the Chic Parent On-The-Go

Fussy toddlers may be unavoidable, but that doesn’t have to mean taking a hit to your style.

As a mom, you’re prepared for any situation. Snacks? Diapers? An extra set of clothing or two? Check, check, check. But carrying all those supplies has often pushed us into just embracing the need for a bulky diaper bag and an extra purse for your own necessities. 

Thankfully, many stylish diaper bags are now available. Bobobark vegan purses have plenty of room for all the supplies you need for your kiddo and yourself. The bobobark convertible backpack purse keeps your parenting supplies organized (while adding some elegance to your #ootd.) Since it can also be worn as a backpack, you’ll have your hands free for your little ones at all times. 

Try a Convertible Purse for Yourself!

Convertible purses are convenient, stylish, durable, sophisticated, and incredibly useful. They save you time and energy that are better spent on your life priorities, and money that’s better spent on fulfilling experiences and opportunities.

Want a convertible purse that’s well-organized, sustainably made, and looks good to boot? The bobobark convertible purse backpack is the only bag you will ever need again.  

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