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6 Must-Haves In a Professional Woman's Backpack Purse Combo

6 Must-Haves In a Professional Woman's Backpack Purse Combo

A backpack purse combo is a godsend for busy women. You can’t beat the practicality of a backpack, but who wants to lug around a backpack to an important business meeting or after-work happy hour? With a purse backpack combo, you can have the best of both worlds. Use the backpack during long commutes or whenever you’d prefer the comfort of a backpack. Whenever you want to switch back to a purse, just reconfigure the straps to turn your backpack into a shoulder bag or crossbody. With the bobobark convertible bag, you can even turn your bag into a briefcase. 

Not all backpack purse combos are created equal, though! Some convertible purses out there aren’t the best fit for professional women. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when searching for a backpack purse combo that fits into a busy lifestyle. 

1. Accessible, Dedicated Device Pockets

best professional backpack

Look for backpack purses that have padded compartments for both your phone and your laptop. If you’re going to be using your purse backpack combo for work, you’ll want a bag that’s both large enough and protective enough to hold your work laptop and any other devices you need to carry with you day-to-day.  

Additionally, it’s no fun when you lose your phone in the depths of your purse. The larger purses are, the easier it is to lose important items inside. To combat this, make sure the purse backpack combo you’re looking for has a dedicated pocket for your phone so you always know where it is. Better yet, ensure that your backpack purse can easily open up for viewing and has a variety of storage compartments for all of your necessities. The bobobark convertible backpack purse (featured in the image above) opens up 180° so you can easily view all of your items at a glance.

Backpack purse combos like bobobark actually have device pockets that you can access from inside and outside of the bag, making them perfect for a woman on the go. You don’t even need to open the main compartment of your purse to access your devices, which is a huge plus if you happen to get an important phone call or text while your phone is stored in your bag. Finally, freedom from digging around the bottom of your purse, and from mystery cracks or scratches in your expensive screens!

2. Lightweight

With so much to carry, you don’t need the bag itself to weigh you down. When shopping for a purse backpack combo, look for material that’s lightweight and comfortable. Our cork purse backpack combo is 3 times lighter than other bags made of leather. It’s also just as durable, so you don’t have to choose between something that will last for a long time and comfort.   

We all know that accessories, work materials, books, snacks, and whatever else we throw in our purse can add up over time. That’s why it’s so important for the material of your purse backpack to be as light as possible, especially for your daily work bag. 

3. Waterproof

So much money is invested in devices (and all your treasured possessions!), so it’s important to keep them safe! Ensure the purse backpack combo you choose is waterproof, especially if you’ll be carrying around your work laptop or important documents. 

We recommend keeping your important belongings protected from weather with a bag made from waterproof cork. It’s important to consider the raw material of the bag, even if it’s described as waterproof. For example, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a popular water-resistant alternative to real leather that you’ll undoubtedly find when shopping online for a purse backpack combo. However, PVC is extremely prone to flaking and cracking due to wear and tear over time. A flaking, worn out bag is definitely not the polished look you’re going for in a designer work bag. 

Cork material is a much better alternative for a women’s professional bag. Not only is it waterproof, but it’s extremely durable, PVC-free, vegan, and sustainable. It will not flake off like PVC and many of the other leather alternatives used to make handbags.

4. Charging Port 

backpack purses

Never be without a full charge again! If you’ll be traveling in any capacity, a charging port is ideal to keep your electronics organized and ready for use.  

If you use your phone for work while on-the-go, we’d recommend searching for a convertible backpack purse that has a charging port and a dedicated phone storage space. It really makes a world of difference in terms of organization and ease of use. A charging port and dedicated phone sleeve is one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you try it!

5. Structured Shape 

backpacks for working professionals

Look for a designer work bag that holds its structure when it’s empty and full. Some backpack purses don’t hold their shape, so they can easily look “stuffed” and lose their aesthetic as soon as you start adding in your necessities. A structured, handmade design allows the bag to hold what you need while retaining its elegant shape. 

On the other hand, a bag without a structure can also look deflated and frumpy when it’s not full of other items to help it hold its shape. A purse backpack for working professionals should have the structural integrity to hold its shape at any capacity.  

A deflated or stuffed bag can totally ruin your outfit. The bobobark was designed to flatter a woman’s silhouette regardless of when it’s empty, full, or somewhere in between. 

6. Convertible  

purse that turns into a backpack

Work is not life! You need a bag that converts as much as you do throughout the day. Stylish briefcase by day; chic shoulder tote for evening adventures; and a backpack for those times you can’t be bothered to have a purse swinging from your shoulders. 

If you’re a professional woman who travels, you’ll really want to consider adding a purse backpack combo to your current collection of work bags or just switching to convertible work bags all together.

For any kind of travel, business or pleasure, the bobobark can be your carry-on, your briefcase, and your backpack. The best part is that it only takes a few seconds to switch around your convertible backpack purse to a fashionable tote and back again! If you’re interested, here’s a guide on how to wear your bobobark. 

Styling Outfits with a Backpack Purse Combo 

Styling a purse backpack combo is a breeze! If you need inspiration, take a look at some of our favorite style combinations for work and play.

Midi Dress With a Tapered Waist 

convertible purse

A classic midi dress is the perfect combination of comfortable and professional to match your purse backpack combo. 

This dress is a versatile garment that every woman with a capsule wardrobe should consider. A thick belt is great for enhancing your silhouette and cinching in your waist, but the beautiful thing about a plain midi dress is that you can style it however you’d like. Midi dresses are available in a variety of necklines and sleeve lengths, so you can choose the one that works best with your body shape.

Layer with tights and a winter coat for a chic winter weather look. For an autumn look, a midi dress pairs perfectly with scarves, ankle boots, and hats. 

Minimalist Business Casual 

designer work bag

The bobobark convertible backpack purse pairs perfectly with a collared blouse and pencil skirt. For a chic, polished look like this model, go minimal with accessories and stick to crisp, neutral colors. A nude, strappy heel keeps things casual, but you could opt for a closed toe pump for a more classic look. 

For something more vibrant, try a patterned blouse or statement necklace. If skirts aren’t your style, this same look can be re-created with slacks or dress pants. 

Have an important meeting coming up? Turn this look into a power suit by adding a suit jacket in a bold color and some tights. Black is a timeless color, but any solid color that matches your outfit will work. Pair your suit with pumps or stilettos for a classic look, but stylish flats might make your commute more comfortable.

Trench Coat with a Plaid Skirt 

best work bags for female professionals

Don’t be shy to layer dark colors! 

The bobobark comes in both matte black and forest green, which are both easily paired with all colors, shades, and patterns. A long, wool trench coat is the perfect cool weather staple to match a variety of business casual outfits. Pair your coat with patterns like plaid to add some variety and flair. 

As always, heels add a polished finish to your outfit, but that doesn’t mean other types of footwear won’t work. Boots and flats would both pair well with this look. 

Cable Knit Patterns with a Beret  

laptop backpack

What better to wear with your Parisian convertible bag than a beret? This quintessential French fashion icon is cozied up by pairing it with a warm cable knit sweater and a patterned high-waisted skirt. Add some black tights and ankle boots for a modern, yet elegant look. An off-the-shoulder sweater makes this outfit great for casual occasions, but you can easily opt for a different neckline for a professional look.   

For something even more casual, opt for a sweater dress, thigh-high boots, a beret, and of course, your convertible purse!

~ ~ ~

As you can see, backpack purses are versatile when it comes to fashion and function. Do you have a backpack purse already? Does it have all of the features we’ve covered today? If you don’t have a convertible bag yet, now you know what to look for when shopping for a new one! 

You’re going to be relying on your work bag to get you through the day, so make sure you invest in the one that meets all of your needs. 

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