How To Clean And Protect
Your Cork Bag

Like a fine Bordeaux, your Laflore Paris bag ages exquisitely. Unlike other leathers which crack, peel, split or warp, our cork leather is incredibly resilient and durable. Simply follow these steps and visit our Cork Care & Protection page to keep your beloved vegan bag looking fresh and fabulous.

Regular Maintenance

Clean and moisturize your bag on a regular basis, and it'll breeze through everything from rainy commutes to exotic galas for years to come.


  1. It's easy to clean Laflore Paris cork with materials you already have at home. If you use your bag daily, we recommend cleaning it twice per month. Here's how to keep your bag pristine in any milieu: 
  • Dampen a reusable soft cloth with a small amount of warm water and add a couple drops of gentle soap to the cloth (saddle soap is ideal). Be conservative; too much water will stop the cork from absorbing moisture cream later. Or, you can use biodegradable baby wipes which contain at least 99% water.

  • Gently rub the cloth in small circles all over the cork, giving attention to any visibly dirty areas.

  • Don't rinse the cork. Simply wipe it dry with a new, clean cloth, just like regular leather.

  • Allow your bag to air dry, away from heat, for at least 30 minutes.


  1. A quick moisture conditioning treatment every 3-4 months is essential
    for keeping cork leather soft and supple. Moisturize your bag more
    often if you use it daily or in hot, dry weather. Here's how to
    prolong the life and beauty of your bag: 

  • Pour a small amount of our custom vegan cork conditioner on a clean

  • Gently massage the conditioner into the cork leather using a circular

  • Let your bag air dry for 2-3 hours before wearing it again.
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Strap Care

  1. The straps on your Laflore Paris bag come with natural cotton ends
    that extend just past the sides of the straps for a bit of charm.
    Here's how to care for any that fray or lengthen over time:

  • Trim frayed strings with scissors, without pulling or tugging.

  • Apply a thin layer of clear nail polish along the sides of the straps
    to protect them from future wear and tear.

  • If the nail polish wears off over time, apply another thin coat.

Inner lining

  1. Our signature orange cotton lining can be cleaned and freshened using
    regular household materials as well. You can wear kitchen gloves if
    you like.

  • Empty your bag and shake out any debris. Gently pull the lining
    inside out. 

  • Squeeze half a lemon into a medium bowl of water. Dip a clean cloth
    into the lemon water and apply to the lining so that the fabric
    becomes a bit damp.

  • Mix a drop of liquid dish soap to the lemon water and apply this
    solution to the fabric using the cloth in a lateral brushing motion.

  • Using a new clean cloth and water, rinse the fabric using the same
    lateral motion.

  • Stand your bag upright with the lining out to dry for an hour or two.
    If you’re in a rush, you can use a hair dryer to speed drying, but
    be careful not to aim it at the cork. 

Store Upright

Always stand your cork bag upright with the clamshell clasp closed - whether after a long day or an evening fête. This will help preserve its distinctive Laflore Paris shape and integrity.

Any true beauty deserves a bit of "me time" to stay chic and sleek. Here's to many more years of turning heads with your timeless Laflore Paris cork bag. Santé!