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How to Dress Like A Parisian. Step by Step Guide

How to Dress Like A Parisian. Step by Step Guide

The Parisian style is a combination of elegance and grace; simplicity and comfort.

Popularity of Parisian Style

Parisian style is an inspiration to many fashion lovers around the world. Parisians believe that you can have great personal style even when wearing normal, every day clothes. In fact, it is quite easy to style the way Parisians do. With a little knowledge and preparation, your wardrobe can be simple, effortless, classic, and chic—just like a Parisian.

How to Dress Like a Parisian:
Step by Step

Parisians have a distinct style. If you know what to look for, it's very easy to spot a Parisian even in the middle of a crowd because of their style. It makes them stand out wherever they go. So, if you also want to dress like a Parisian, follow these tips and add more French flair to your every day wardrobe.

Before we jump into the step by step guide, here are some general Parisian fashion tips to keep in mind. Parisians tend to give more importance to comfort and less to trends. They wear clothes that flatter their bodies and they dress in outfits that make them feel confident. Many people describe Parisian style as effortless. It’s as if they’ve simply thrown something on and darted out the door, even if they actually spent a lot of effort curating their wardrobe. In general, Parisians make a genuine effort to keep their style simple and chic. They love casual and easy looks, which give off an airy yet polished vibe.

Parisians approach fashion differently. They work towards having a signature look of their own. They believe in having a variety of classic clothes and simply adding seasonal items to their outfits when needed. Their mantra is quality over quantity. If you want to incorporate Parisian fashion into your own wardrobe, think about how you want your style to look and feel as you read through this blog.

Step 1: Shop Quality and Not Quantity

We can't say this enough. Parisian women usually shop less, but shop for better, high-quality pieces. They prefer high-quality, sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics like cotton, silk, wool, and cashmere that last for a very long time.
A new look doesn’t mean new clothes to Parisian women. Instead of buying a ton of different items and trying out various trends, they might re-style or re-fresh the clothes they already have. If you want to ace the classic Parisian look, invest in classic pieces that you can re-wear and re-style often. Make sure to invest in versatile clothing, clothing that's comfortable, and most importantly—clothing that you love to wear.

Step 2: Less is More

As already shared, simplicity is the key to Parisian style. So, if you wish to dress like a Parisian, always remember to keep your look simple and minimal. You won't find any Parisian women overdone or overdressed.

They believe in wearing just one statement piece like a scarf, a hat, or a great pair of shoes, minimal accessories and simple jewelry. So, if you wish to be like them, never go overboard with your accessories or jewelry. Wear simple, delicate pieces that look chic and stunning. Also, don't overdo your makeup. If you're not sure where to start, simply enhance your favorite features.


Step 3: Practical and Comfortable

There's a stereotype that Parisian girls wear high heels all day. However, this is isn't true. Parisian women are all about comfort, so you likely won't find them standing for long periods of time in heels. Especially if they'll be doing lots of walking or adventuring. Usually, they prefer wearing flats. Be it ballet flats, loafers, sneakers or low block heels, Parisians always go for comfort, along with being practical and easy to wear every day. So, to get that Parisian look, ditch the stilettos and feel good about wearing flats.
Along with shoes, a fashionable yet practical handbag is also a must to finish off a classy look. Bobobark, which is a vegan convertible backpack purse, is the perfect companion to any outfit. It's large enough to hold all of your essentials, but light enough that you won't feel weighed down by carrying it.

Step 4: Balance Dressy and Casual

Parisian women know how to create a balance between their elegant pieces and casual items. For a Parisian flair, embrace the same approach and balance your wardrobe with a smart mix of dressy and casual pieces.
French women often blend classy and casual pieces and accessories in the same outfit. This helps give their outfits that care-free yet elegant feeling. If their clothes are really polished one day, they might let their hair and makeup be a little more natural and undone to balance out the look. Try it out next time and let us know how it goes!

Step 5: Flaunt the Right Cut

Parisians wear clothes that flatter their bodies. For instance, they ensure that they wear pants that are neither too tight nor too big, too short, or too long. Their shirts can be oversized only if they are designed to be so. Dresses are not too-tight, too-revealing, or too-short.
Dress in a way that accentuates your best features. If you've never experienced what a great pair of jeans can do for you, or even a tailored dress, we really recommend you try this tip out. Clothes that fit well can make a world of a difference.

Must-Have French Style Pieces

Along with these Parisian style tips, here are the basic French pieces that are a must-have if you want to adopt their style. A few simple, high-quality pieces are all you need. If you'd like more information on how to start choosing quality clothes, read our post on creating a capsule wardrobe.

Classic Trench Coat - Paris often has grey skies and frequent rainfalls. So, Parisians usually wear a trench coat to keep them dry. A trench coat is a must in your wardrobe. La Seine et Moi offers a beautiful, straight cut trench coat that can match with a variety of outfits. It's also 100% vegan, for those who are conscious about avoiding animal leather.

Tailored Jeans - French women often wear straight-leg jeans. When they fit correctly, straight-leg jeans leave just the right amount of open space towards the ankle. To really nail the Parisian look, try finding a comfortable pair of jeans and tailoring them if they don't fit perfectly.

Neutral Tees - Three basic tees – white, black and grey, are a must to complement different looks and style. Parisians always mix and match these to complete their looks. These look great layered under blazers, trench coats, jackets, or simply tucked into jeans.

White Button-Down Shirt - A simple white button-down shirt, which can be paired with everything from jeans to pants to linen, is a classic you need in your wardrobe.

Ballet Flats - Parisian women believe in comfort and so they love high-quality, polished ballet flats. We love black and neutral tan colors, but white can also work well if you can keep them clean.

Tailored Blazer - Parisian women always have a tailored blazer with them. Whether it’s fitted, oversized, or masculine, this is an essential piece to add a professional flair to any outfit.

Structured Bag - A structured bag, which is practical, convenient and stylish, is loved by all Parisian women. Vegan bags, like Laflore Paris' bobobark, easily complement all quintessential Parisian styles, from a casual jeans and tee look to a stunning date night outfit.


A Little Black Dress - Perfect for many occasions, the little black dress is a staple of any woman's wardrobe, not only Parisian women. We recommend choosing one that can work for a variety of situations, from cocktail hour to brunch on the patio.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means. These are just a few items that Parisians tend to keep in their wardrobes. There are many other pieces that Parisians experiment with. But remember, we generally try to keep things elevated, simple and chic. If you're looking to expand your Parisian-inspired wardrobe, check out these ethical french fashion brands you can shop from your living room.

We hope that you'll try adding more Parisian style to your closet.

Remember: try neutral tones, don't go overboard with jewelry, be comfortable, and be confident!

We want to emphasize that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to dress, these are just some suggestions. Please do whatever fits your style the best, and makes you feel the most confident!

Until next time . . . .

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  • LJ
    I enjoy the simplicity and approachability displayed about fashion by this article. Thank you for the tips, especially about wearing what you love and what flatters your body. I think it can be easy to forget to do that.
    December 16, 2021
  • Lydia
    Thank you for adding our brand La seine & Moi in your beautiful article !
    June 21, 2021
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