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What's the secret to chic, timeless French style? Is there just one? There are a dizzying number of approaches to personal style, even among the ‘toujours a la mode’ femme Francaise, but there is one particular style secret the team at Laflore built the bobobark to embody. One that embraces not only the classic French heritage, but also the modern ethics of sustainability.

Having one bag that works for any occasion, converting from backpack to crossbody purse to handbag, and made from a long-lasting, vegan material like cork means you can reduce the footprint of your wardrobe by avoiding the need for multiple purses. bobobark is the only bag you’ll need to stay chic in any situation. Its stylish, convertible backpack purse design is both eco-friendly and functional!


How To Convert Your Bobobark

Your bobobark comes with three straps, two of which are pre-connected so you can immediately wear your bobobark as a shoulder bag or crossbody. When these straps are disconnected, you’ll have three separate straps: two long straps of equal length and one shorter strap. Combinations of these three allow you to wear your bobobark the way you want.

Convertible shoulder tote or purse

Shorter Strap + Long Strap

Clip one of the attached straps to the metal hoops at the top of your bobobark for an easy, hands-free shoulder tote. As a tote, the bobobark offers more structure and organization than a typical handbag - with compartments designed to carry your laptop or tablet (with easy access from the outside and inside of the bag), your phone, and even a port built into the pocket to discreetly charge devices when you’re away from home.

Versatile purse for travel. For frequent air travelers and digital nomads, multi-functional pieces are vital in mastering chic, travel-friendly style without additional baggage fees. Use your bobobark as your ‘small personal item’ in lieu of a purse or laptop bag, and carry-on a small suitcase, so you can skip past the baggage claim upon arrival. You’ll have everything you need on hand, and can convert your shoulder tote to a chic, purse-with-carrying handle, for nights on the town without having to bring extra accessories. Essential organization and ultimate functionality make bobobark the best convertible backpack purse for travel you can find.

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Convertible backpack

2 Long Straps

To turn your bobobark handbag into a backpack, first separate your double strap so that you’re left with one short and one long strap, plus your additional long strap. Set the shortest strap aside, as you won’t need it to make your bobobark a backpack. Clip both long straps to the top middle hoop on the back of the bobobark and then find your perfect length by affixing the belt-like closures on the bottom.

Functional and fashionable backpack for students. It’s time to say adieu to your high school backpack. Carry your school books, tech devices and study snacks (of course!) in a convertible backpack as you shuffle between classes. The roomy and organized inner compartments keep all the necessities at your fingertips so you’ll never miss an important lecture note looking for pen and paper. When classes are done, simply remove the straps to convert bobobark into a classic handbag that’s perfect for work or play.

A chic backpack for parents with style. Finally, a beautiful replacement for a diaper bag that maintains function without sacrificing sophistication. With so many useful compartments and a clamshell clasp that opens 180 degrees, you can easily view and reach everything inside, making this a great option for parents whose hands are full but still value great style!

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Convertible briefcase

No Straps

A convertible tote, backpack and briefcase? Of course. Just remove the straps et voila! A chic briefcase with a beautifully-designed handle. With thoughtfully divided sections, including a 13” padded compartment for a laptop, bobobark keeps your tech safe no matter where you go. However you use your bobobark during the day, it will look equally elegant as a glamorous date night accessory. (Even if you don’t have time to head home before meeting your beau for dinner!)

Beautiful briefcase for professionals. bobobark makes a perfect designer work bag in the briefcase or handbag configuration. If you’re always on the go, the thoughtfully-designed compartments ensure you won’t need to dig around to find your metro card or car keys. And, in addition to stylishly carrying your laptop or tablet, the neutral color palette will pair well with everything in your business wardrobe.

Keep your daily necessities tucked away in the central zippered pocket, so you’ll always have them close by - even if you decide to leave the tech devices at the office.

boboark is an effortlessly-chic bag that’s supremely functional, no matter what is on your agenda.

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Why Choose a Convertible Backpack for your everyday carry?

For your health.

Women have heard for years that carrying a too-heavy purse, particularly as a tote, can have negative effects on our physical health. An uneven distribution of weight on one shoulder throws the back and the hips out of alignment, causing pain. One of the best ways to alleviate this problem is to redistribute the weight into a backpack.

Leather is the most traditional material for handbags. Sure, it’s durable and holds up for the long haul, but it’s also quite heavy. bobobark is made from premium cork skin that’s as smooth and supple, water resistant, and durable just like leather -- but it’s 3x lighter. No matter how many essentials you need to carry on a daily basis, bobobark helps you start out lighter and get through the day without discomfort.

For the environment.

Not only is leather heavier than cork skin, it’s also not a sustainable material. Cork-skin on the other hand, is a natural product whose harvest improves the health of its source. When cork bark is harvested every 7-9 years, the tree is able to release more oxygen and grow faster. There’s also zero waste with cork production. Leftover materials are chipped and turned into cork boards.

Choosing a convertible bag also eliminates the need to purchase and own multiple handbags. With one bag that adjusts to any occasion, you’ll eliminate waste in your wardrobe without sacrificing style.

Convertible backpacks fit your style and your lifestyle.

Unfortunately, most backpacks on the market just don’t have “the look”. Women dress for a multitude of occasions, including (but certainly not limited to) comfort, work, date nights, and more. A traditional backpack hardly seems like the right accessory for a romantic date night. With a convertible backpack, it’s easy to go from the office to date night with a simple switch of the straps.

There’s no need to switch bags when you switch roles from bad-ass boss lady to total babe; bobobark looks perfectly chic, no matter what configuration it’s in.


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