Color: Black

Vegan Coloring Cream

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Keep your Laflore bag and accessories looking flawless with our vegan coloring cream, specially-formulated to recolor cork that has become lighter with time. Simply massage this polish into your purse and you’re left with a look that’s as good as new.

50 ml. Made in France

Color: Black

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All of our bags are handmade with love. Our sustainable cork material always comes from Portugal and our lining is made from eco-friendly recycled cotton. Our global team of artisans and workshops have been pioneering innovations in eco-friendly and sustainable craftsmanship.

Shipping & Return Policy


You have 30 days from the delivery date of your shipment to request a refund or an exhange of color... No questions asked.


You have 90 days from the delivery date of your items to claim for a free repair.

As a sustainable company, we put a lot of effort into creating bags that will last a lifetime. With the right care, we are confident that your item will follow you for many years to come.


You have a lifetime to reach out and ask us for a repair.

If your bag was damaged with time we are here to help and may be able to repair your bag. If we are not able to repair your item, we will offer you a “Trade in Value” so that you can get a new one

For more details, check our refund policy

Color: Black

How To Clean & Protect Your Cork Purse

Here at Laflore Paris, we are very proud of our cork leather bags and accessories. Not only are they organic, vegan and crafted with sustainable materials, they’re also beautifully designed, extremely durable and meant to last a lifetime.

In order to keep our purses looking their best for years to come, we’ve developed a specially-formulated vegan coloring cream with jojoba oil that restores the original color to parts of the bag that may become lighter with use. Elements like the handle, straps, seams and corners might patina faster, and our green or black coloring cream, or cork polish, allows you to easily touch up those spots where the natural beige color of the cork might show. It only takes a few minutes with our polish and a clean cloth to reclaim the bag’s original beauty.


  • Use coloring cream every 3-4 months, or as-needed.

  • Apply a small amount of cream to a clean cloth and gently rub your bag in a circular motion. Repeat until faded spots are re-colored and look like new again.

  • Allow 24 hours of drying time before wearing again.

  • Use each coloring cream for its suitable bag color only.

Enjoy our video above for instructions on how to restore your treasured Laflore cork products.

What our clients say about us.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent product

Excellent product. Very high quality.

My beloved bobobark looks like new!

My bobobark is several years old and some of the edges that come in contact with other surfaces were losing their colour. This colouring cream was to use and fixed them up as good as new. Just ensure you let it dry thoroughly.

Tina Arab
Great product!

My bobobark is back as new!

Cherida Longley
Restores colour and condition

I got the green version for my bag which is more than 18 months old now. A week before the cream arrived, someone commented that my bag was looking kinda well used. I guess I hadn't noticed but yes, I did used to get heaps of random compliments and perhaps there hadn't been so many recently. Anyhow, I spent 30 minutes giving it lots of love and wow...good as new. Restored depth of colour and subtle lustre and did a decent job of patching over the more worn areas at the corners. Recommend wearing clothes cos your fingers will stain but nothing a little soap and a scrub with a nail brush won't fix.

Kris Erickson
Brought life back to my bag!

After a year+ of owning my Laflore bag it was starting to look dull and had a few spots of color that were wearing off. I went to the website just to see if they had anything to fix it and found the color cream. It's amazing. Brought my bag back to life! I simply applied a light layer and let it sit for a day before using. I was worried about the color rubbing off my the jacket/clothing, but it didn't and I will be using this once a month from now on. It leaves the cork much softer and smoother and my bag looks brand new. The jar is a generous size and it doesn't take much to cover my entire bag, so I think it will last a year or more even with regular use. So glad I found this.