Convertible Purse

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bebebark is a compact, convertible cork purse that can be worn as a crossbody bag (shoulder bag), as a mini backpack or as a clutch. This handcrafted, sustainable piece combines timeless Parisian elegance and a flattering, classic square proportion with the versatility and functionality that a modern woman requires.

Color: Black
  • 23 x 23 x 12 cm | 9 x 9 x 4.7 inches
  • Timeless Parisinian Design
  • Handcrafted with Premiun Materials
  • Vegan and Sustainable
Color: Black


The bebebark is a compact, eco-friendly, day-to-night bag by LaFlore, designed by Natacha Seroussi. Made from premium, sustainable cork bark, bebebark combines timeless Parisian elegance and a classic square proportion with the everyday functionality required for modern women.

Its removable and adjustable straps allow you to wear it as a backpack, a shoulder bag or crossbody bag, or a clutch. The brass clasp opens 180 degrees for a wide, clear view into the bag. Interior pockets and dividers in the bag were designed to organize your essentials and an exterior hidden zipper at the side provides easy access to your phone.


Designed to be a day-to-night bag, bebebark can be worn as a mini backpack, a shoulder bag or crossbody bag, or clutch - carried in the hand. The new convertible system makes it fast and easy to go from one to the other.



bebebark fits any lifestyle, any woman, and any occasion - designed to match the shape of a woman’s body and highlight any outfit. On the go or at the office, bebebark will be there to elevate your style.



“It took me my whole career to realize that simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve. Proportion, balance, and eliminating the unnecessary - this is perfection. It is a never ending quest that I see all around me: in nature, artwork, paintings, sculptures, and in fashion. It is very rare to achieve, but when you do it seems so simple and evident ... and it is beautiful. Everything is here, there is nothing to add. I see this in Natacha’s creation, in bebebark.”


Visible & Organized

Each pocket was designed for your everyday essentials - from your phone and tablet to your makeup, book, sunglasses, charger, and hand sanitizer.

In total, there are 11 pockets and compartments that will keep your items organized and easily accessible. The brass clasp opens 180 degrees for a wide and clear view into the bag, and the bright orange lining helps you locate your treasures with just a glance. A zippered section divides the main compartment.

Made to last

All of our bags are handmade with love. Our sustainable cork material always comes from Portugal and our lining is made from eco-friendly recycled cotton. Our global team of artisans and workshops have been pioneering innovations in eco-friendly and sustainable craftsmanship.

The design process for the bag starts in our Parisian atelier, where we envision and sketch the bag and then develop a sample. Conceptualizing and creating the initial design can take 6 months to a year, and sometimes even more. During this process, we are in close communication with our team of artisans who have vast experience creating high-end handbags for over 30 years. Samples are scrutinized and tested until the design and quality is absolutely perfect.

Our bag artisans pay close attention to every detail to guarantee each and every bag is of the highest possible quality.





Our bag is handmade from a premium cork skin which is harvested in Portugal and polished until the texture is as soft and supple as leather.

Cork is as resistant and durable as leather but 3 times lighter. It is completely organic & ethical. Collecting and harvesting the bark from the cork tree takes place every 7 to 9 years, and does not harm the trees. In fact, this harvesting method helps the trees grow and release more oxygen.

Customer Reviews

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Marie Mugavin
I LOVE this purse!

I have purchased several items from LaFlore and the quality is unmistakable, simply excellent. They are durable and the style classic and very attractive. I get compliments all the time on my new bebebark. The inside is well organized with the classic bright lining so I can easily gain access to my make up, sunglasses, wallet, etc. I purchased the chain strap for special occasions and use the other straps to suit my needs for the day. I LOVE my LaFlore purses and adore bebebark, my new addition, in a splendid cherry red color. The fact that the cork is organic and ethical are extra bonuses. LaFlore purses and accessories are worth every penny! Excellent craftsmanship, style, and a wonderful feeling of luxury with each. Treat yourself! You won't be disappointed!

Kylie Golder
Fabulous bag

I'm so happy to be out and about in Spring time in Australia with my Bebebark companion. The best bag I have ever owned. Not only does it look amazing, it's functional and made from bark which helps the environment. Love! ❤️

Pamela Laucius
Bebebark Review

It really is a nice purse/organizer. I just didn't like the problem of me carrying the Bobobark and the Bebebark at the same time through airline terminals. I usually just carry one item on board. Other than that, I found that the Bobobark was just the balance that I was looking for. I am looking forward to purchase the Toto in January 2024. Thank you for being patient with me on the return. Your customer has been excellent.

Trina Costar
Love it

I have wanting to buy a bebebark for quite a long time. I am not disappointed. The craftsmanship of the purse is outstanding

Carrie Cannon
Simply stunning!

I bought this bag for my birthday. The shape and style really go with everything. I love the versatility of the straps. It’s well-made and of course, eco-friendly which I love!