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Say Salut! to trolala

Say Salut! to trolala

rolling weekender bag

Say Salut! to trolala

a classic travel bag for the modern world

We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring trolala to life, and it’s finally here! Designed to be three bags in one, this new women's carry-on bag from Laflore Paris can be rolled as a trolley, carried over the shoulder, or held in your hand. This versatile piece of luggage is built to keep you feeling organized and looking elegant no matter what adventures life has in store. Trolala’s design is inspired by nostalgia for the golden age of travel, when people found joy in the journey and not just the destination. The roomy interior is thoughtfully arranged for the needs of modern travelers, featuring 9 pockets and compartments — including zippered pockets for up to a 15” laptop, phone and passport, and even a waterproof compartment for shoes or laundry. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a week abroad, trolala will be there to elevate your style.  

convertible cork weekender bag

Vegan, Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

As with all Laflore Paris products, the trolala is made with style and sustainability at the forefront. The shell and straps of this eco-friendly carry-on are made from cork fabric — also known as cork material, cork skin, or cork leather.

We strategically partner with eco-conscious producers in Portugal to ensure nothing goes to waste as our cork material is produced. Small pieces of cork leftover from the production of cork fabric are repurposed into corkboard, construction materials, or insulation.

Additionally, the harvesting process, or removing bark from cork trees, is beneficial to the growth of the tree as it helps it absorb more carbon dioxide and release more oxygen. Once cork bark is removed from the tree, the bark grows back and can be harvested again in approximately 7 years.

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop on the outside of this rolling carry-on bag. Trolala’s signature orange interior is made from 100% recycled cotton, and Laflore Paris ships all our products in plastic-free, recyclable packaging.

convertible travel bag


Perfect for Any Situation 

Trolala’s design features two large handles to make carrying your travel bag over your shoulder or in your hand both easy and comfortable. The hidden telescopic handle extends effortlessly for a smooth ride when being rolled as a trolley. Like Laflore Paris’ convertible handbags, trolala’s brass clasp opens 180 degrees, offering a clear view into the bag with a vibrantly colored interior highlighting your neatly packed items. 

Every zip, pouch, and pocket inside was designed with the organization as the main focus for your essential travel items. Easy-access outside pockets are perfect for safely storing your laptop, phone and passport while keeping them close at hand during your travels. 

Not into keeping your shoes or laundry near your clean items? The Laflore Paris carry-on bag comes with a separate shoe compartment, keeping your stylish footwear easily accessible while both lightweight and sanitary too. The waterproof parachute for shoes or laundry is discreetly located near the base of the trolala to keep the items you don’t necessarily need readily available tucked away and out of sight when rolled.


organized carryon travel bag

Organization Meets Durability

Our premium cork skin material feels as soft and supple to the touch as leather, but cork fabric is 3x lighter than traditional leather with natural water resistant and hypoallergenic properties. With trolala, you’ll never be weighed down by your luggage. Plus, you’ll get as much space as a comparable leather bag that’s much easier to carry for any occasion or destination.

Trolala’s water resistance means all your necessities will be safe inside the bag, rain or shine, no matter which of the 9 pockets you store them in. For this new addition to the Laflore Paris line, we’ve included an often-requested feature: 5 brass feet on the bottom of the bag to help protect your trolala no matter where your wanderlust journeys take it. 

With a dedicated place for all of your essentials, trolala will keep every treasure safe from the elements, easily accessible, and ready at hand when you need them. Best of all, your most important devices get their own zippered pockets so you can reach them without opening the main compartment.

vegan travel bag

Designed in Paris. Made to See the World.

All Laflore Paris sustainable fashion designs originate in Paris and are created by native Parisian father-daughter duo Elie and Natacha Seroussi.

With more than 4 decades of fashion industry experience between them, their mission is simple: Design beautiful and functional accessories that stand at the intersection between ethics and aesthetics

Both Laflore Paris founders share a deep concern for the future of our planet and strong belief that women should never have to choose between classic, elegant style and what’s good for the environment. We can have both! 

Learn More About trolala

Are you ready to bring style back into your travel plans? Trolala is now available for pre-order via Kickstarter.

Early Bird Backers can still save $160 off, but there are limited quantities available. Be sure to grab yours before they take off!

Visit our trolala Kickstarter page for more information and to reserve yours today.

trolala Kickstarter

2 comments on Say Salut! to trolala
  • donna
    hello does the bobobark and trolala both ship to australia
    May 25, 2022
  • Sandra

    Bag looks amazing just nervous clamshell would open and my stuff would fall out.

    May 25, 2022
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