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Risky Business: Women Living Dangerously

Risky Business: Women Living Dangerously

There are people who enjoy playing it safe, while others love to live on the edge!

Let’s take a peek inside the world of stunt women, the gals that give action movies their heart-stopping, and sometimes gravity-defying thrills.

Sara Vignot ‘Lezito’

Sarah Vignot, more famously known by her nickname ‘Lezito’, was born in Épernay, France. Lezito was your average girl-next-door until she discovered motorsports. She is considered by many to be the top female stunt-rider in the world. Her stunt debut was in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” where she doubled for Scarlett Johansson. She finds it “boring to be the only girl competing against the guys” and hopes to inspire other young women to get involved with stunt-riding. Her goal is to be a role model for the next generation. Check out her amazing stunts on Instagram @sarahlezito.

Debbie Evans

American stunt-rider Debbie Evans is considered one of Hollywood’s top stunt women. Like Lezito, she is an expert on motorbikes and has worked on films such as The Fast and the Furious, The Matrix Reloaded, Terminator: Dark Fate and nearly 200 other film & television productions. Evans has broadened her stunt abilities beyond the bike, honing her physical abilities in order to “perform just about every stunt there is”. “I bring my tool kit with me so I can adjust the bike to my needs”. You may think this physically & mentally challenging sport is only for the young, but in 2017 at age 59 she was still learning new stunts “that take your breath away”. Find out more at

Cynthia Rothrock

Cyntihia Ann Chrisitne Rothrock has starred in more than 60 movies and is coined, “The Queen of Martial Arts”. She reigned as a World Champion of Martial Arts and Weapons from 1981-1985 being undefeated in more than 100 consecutive competitions! Rothrock’s first movie, Yes, Madam, broke box-office records catapulting her to stardom in Hong Kong.

This amazing athlete, movie star, stunt woman is also an adventure seeker and role model for women everywhere. Explore some of her amazing action-packed escapades at

Sara Curtis

Have you ever jumped out of a perfectly good airplane? Sara Curtis has more than 15,000 jumps under her belt and holds 19 World Records. Curtis started sky-diving while working as a corporate clothing buyer in Toronto, Canada. “I literally met a guy in a bar and he invited me to go skydiving.”  The rest is history! By 2007 she was working with the military as a jump trainer and coach … quite a leap from where she began. She’s also done work in 2 films, Failing Grace and She Burns in Hell: Accounts From Chamberlain Maine. Want to know more? Check out her interview at

Personally I admire these women very much …

I admire their intense zest for life and their commitment to inspire other women to live their dreams.

May we all find joy in our lives and spread that joy to others.
Until next time . . . .

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