How To Wear Our Vegan Handbags

Our signature bobobark convertible backpack purse is more like three bags in one! Depending on how you attach the straps, your bobobark can be worn as a shoulder bag or tote for running errands, as a briefcase for functional, professional style in the office, or as a backpack for tackling your hands-free adventures. Since versatility is one of the keys to bobobark’s appeal, we also offer smaller bags and accessories so you can feel chic and stylish, no matter the occasion. For example, our vegan clutch can be the perfect complement to your formal wedding wear, and our coin pouch and glasses case fit snugly inside your well-organized tote. You no longer need to own a closet full of purses when one bag and its complementary accessories can do it all!

Why We Chose Eco-Friendly Cork for Our Designer Bags

Offering organic, vegan purses is of the highest importance to Laflore's designers. In fact, we’re working daily to achieve our Zero-Waste Vision. We believe that women should not have to choose between style and sustainability or between beauty and ethics. That’s why we’ve chosen to use cruelty-free cork for all our bags. Cork is one of the most environmentally-friendly materials on earth because harvesting bark actually helps the trees flourish. Cork doesn’t cause waste because leftover material can be chipped and used to make cork boards, it’s incredibly durable so you won’t have to replace your bag with something new, and cork is completely biodegradable!

How to Reduce Waste Through Proper Care

At Laflore Paris, we know that sustainable manufacturing is about more than just the materials we use in our products. It’s also about the materials we’re not putting back into the environment. Our bags are waterproof, durable and exceptionally easy to care for. Maintenance is easy with Laflore Paris’ cork moisturizer and coloring creams, formulated especially for Laflore handbags to preserve and strengthen the beauty of your bag. And, the straps can be maintained easily by trimming strings and finishing with a coat of clear nail polish. Laflore designers have worked to ensure you can protect and repair your bag so that it never needs to be discarded and replaced. Read more about our Zero Waste Vision how to care for your bobobark and bebebark.